Industry leading CBD products: 6 Great reasons why you should buy Ardoa Organics

    Ardoa Organics products are the highest quality, most documented, and best value for your money broad-spectrum CBD products that you can buy on the UK and EU markets today. These are the top six reasons why you can fully trust us and buy CBD oil products from Ardoa Organics.

    1. The formulation

    Purchasing from us, every customer can rest assured that they buy the best CBD oil products on the market. We have formulated all Ardoa Organics products using broad-spectrum hemp extracts. Throughout our different product ranges, you can find varying formulations to suit your requirements. Our formulations boast the broadest and most potent cannabinoid profiles, offering the widest range of options of any UK/EU company today. Our products contain up to six cannabinoids, making Ardoa Organics the industry leader. 

    We offer products that contain profiles of up to 0.20% THC, as well as our Zero range of products, containing 0% THC.

    2. Informative packaging

    Ardoa Organics products have the most informative packaging of any CBD product on the market today. Our products have been designed by people who understand the information that customers want and need to see. We have designed the box and the bottle label innovatively to ensure that even if you misplace the box, you will be able to understand and use our products as needed. Without any doubt, Ardoa Organics can proudly say that our products are at the forefront of customer awareness. 

    3. The hemp flowers used

    The hemp flowers used to produce the broad-spectrum CBD oils used in our Ardoa Organics CBD products are grown to the highest of standards. They are documented to show that the production has taken place in compliance with the WHO Guidelines on Good Agricultural and Collection Practices for Plants (GACP). The guidelines cover all aspects critical to quality in the sectors of Quality Assurance, Personnel and Education, Buildings and Facilities, Equipment, Documentation, Seeds and Propagation Material, Cultivation, Harvest, Primary Processing, Packaging, Storage and Distribution. The only quality Ardoa Organics accepts is the highest quality. This principle is applied throughout the supply chain and then demonstrated via product information.

    4. The ingredient extraction and bottling facilities

    Our CBD extracts are produced on a batch by batch basis by Ardoa Organics’ certified GMP partner facility. This facility holds HACCP and ISO 22000 food certifications, allowing it to make products for the food and cosmetics industries. It also possesses further certifications to produce products for the API industry.

    These extracts are then used by Ardoa Organics to formulate their CBD oils. Our bottling facilities possess certifications allowing the production of food products and the handling of organic ingredients. These products are then exported to our distribution centres across Europe, allowing for fast and speedy delivery. Learn more about our delivery options for the UK and Europe.

    5. Our testing protocol

    Every single ingredient that enters our formulation facility undergoes independent testing for a variety of reasons. For example, we perform a suite of tests with our certified partner laboratories to verify the absence of pesticides and herbicides, heavy metals and solvent residue. These tests are performed on all ingredients and, along with nutritional information, are documented on the dedicated Quality Control & Provenance section of every product page.

    6. Our carrier oil 

    We feel compelled to apply the same level of product and provenance documentation to the carrier oil as to the active ingredients themselves. Ardoa Organics only uses fully accredited and highly documented Organic Hemp Oil for this purpose. As a large portion of each product is composed of carrier oil, this oil is essential to the formulation of our products, enabling the dilution and stabilisation of our active ingredients.

    The producer of our organic hemp oil demonstrates highly impressive dedication to quality control and provenance. Their many certifications and the results gathered through our testing protocol reflect that dedication.


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    Go to Ardoa Market UK to buy Ardoa Organics broad spectrum CBD oil.

    Or, if you live in a European country, please go to Ardoa Market EU to buy Ardoa Organics broad spectrum CBD oil.

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