Andrew B.’s story: CBD oil has helped me relax and relieve chronic tendon pain

    Broad spectrum CBD oil experience: Addressing tendon pain

    When I was a kid I walked around on my tiptoes a lot, as a result my achilles’ tendons are shorter than they should be. This means that now, in adult life, my tendons are often sore as they’re not as elastic as they should be. I love walking and live in Edinburgh, Scotland which is a very walkable city! Some days I might walk 10 miles or more and while I feel satisfyingly tired, my achilles also have a sharp pain in them which can make sleep difficult too. 

    I have never been someone who likes to take pharmaceutical products, Paracetamol and Ibuprofen regularly go out of date in my bathroom cabinet. When my tendons would be even more sore than usual I would generally massage them with tiger balm or deep heat or similar which, although smelling quite nice, stains bedding and clothes, and doesn’t relieve the pain that much either. 

    Recently I got to try some premium broad-spectrum CBD oil, and from the first dose I took I could tell it was different. The pain I have feels to have subdued, but there is also a sense of it being less present in my mind. I was really sceptical about CBD initially, but I have to say that I am properly convinced now! 

    Andrew B., Edinburgh

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