Annemarie B.’s story: CBD oil helps me when anxiety spells negatively affect my sleep

    Broad spectrum CBD oil experience: Treating anxiety and bad sleep

    I am 81 years old and I have been suffering for 4 years from inoperable chronic nerve pain, which is managed with a Fentanyl patch on my back which has to be renewed every 3 days. I am at my age always somehow struggling with sleep. Going to sleep is almost always hard, as my brain is very active at that time, I tend to worry about the present and the future [I can’t help it!], and I also usually wake up several times at night and then always struggle to go back to sleep again. Most mornings I wake up and just lie in bed, frustrated, not feeling rested. 

    About a month ago I started worrying a lot about private things, my family and the virus [I am in a high-risk group because of my age and being a diabetic] and that had a very negative effect on my already bad sleep: I ended up not sleeping at all for the whole night – which then really worried me and, as I thought that I then really had to sleep at least properly the next night. The next night I was, again, lying awake almost all night, getting more and more anxious and frustrated because of my ongoing struggle to calm down and finally get to sleep. I must have drifted into a bit of shallow sleep towards the morning, but I felt worse and worse. 

    In the past, before I had the Fentanyl patch, my house doctor had prescribed me conventional sleeping pills when I had a stress or anxiety episode, but they tended to just knock me out and I remember waking up in the morning, not feeling well. I also once tried sleep aid remedies from my local pharmacy, but they never did anything.

    My son suggested trying his specific night-time CBD oil, but he said that he was hesitant because of my Fentanyl medication. He then did some research and found an article about a clinical trial that combined Fentanyl and broad spectrum CBD to treat the addiction craving of heroin addicts. Based on this, we decided to do a trial and start with one drop of the CBD oil one hour before my official going to bed time. After another three frustrating nights we arrived at about 2 ml, just a bit less than the suggested daily dose of 2.5 ml, and I had the first proper sleep in a week. I woke up in the morning, not feeling shattered and frustrated, but happy and relaxed. What a massive relief! 

    I kept taking the 2 ml doses for a week, every evening one hour before I wanted to go to sleep, and had much better sleep every night. During the day I also recognised that I was worrying less. Just generally. That was probably down to not being utterly exhausted and nervous all the time, but maybe the oil also had an effect on my overall mood.

    After another week, we tried a night without oil and I had good sleep. I now only take a dose before bedtime when I generally feel a bit stressed or when there’s a lot of stuff going on in my head. It’s great to have this failsafe just in case. 

    Annemarie B., Barril de Alva

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