Ardoa Amber42: Broad-spectrum, potent, daily use CBD oil drops

    Amber42 is part of the Ardoa Organics M-drops range, and is our most affordable broad-spectrum CBD oil drops product with CBG and a strong THC profile within legal limits. It is a perfect multi-purpose food supplement suitable for daily use.

    Amber42 is part of the Ardoa Organics M-drops CBD Oil range, and it is one of our high strength CBD oil drops products, with CBG and a strong profile of THC. It is a multi-purpose food supplement, suitable for daily use. This affordable broad-spectrum CBD oil drops product benefits from the Entourage Effect, making it ideal for a variety of applications associated with cannabis-based products.

    It contains 0.20% THC, which is perfect for those wishing to use a CBD oil drops product with a stronger THC profile than Amber42’s sister product, Amber42 Zero, which is designed for those looking for a lighter THC profile. Both products have industry-leading product packaging, enabling their safe and well-informed use.

    Amber42, like all other Ardoa Organics products, has a strong focus on documentation, provenance, product information and Good Manufacturing Practises. Testing is fundamental to our products, and we subject the contents of every bottle to our extensive testing protocol, developed with our industry-leading laboratory partners.

    Ardoa Organics M-drops Amber42 is your multi-purpose, daily use CBD oil product for those with casual but also more demanding needs. Amber42 is your first step in learning how cannabinoids can interact with your body to help unlock a new level of personal wellbeing for the present and the future. 

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