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    There has been a paradigm shift taking place across the world. It’s been building up for many years, and in essence seeks to, in some way, take humanity back to basics… but with a modern, technologically-driven and research-inspired shine. Humanity has progressed at an incredible speed over the past two centuries, and alongside countless examples of pure ingenuity and development, we managed to make a few large errors along the way. In the pursuit of advancement we have caused great damage to Earth, our incalculably rare and beautiful home. However, the very advancement that in turn caused the mounting problems we see around us, has also placed humanity in a position to begin to undo the damage we have done. What is also true, is that many of the solutions to prevent and regenerate the damage caused are at the same time, without doubt, better for our own bodies and wellbeing.

    Ardoa Organics is born out of the belief that if we make the conscious effort as individuals to switch to a more plant-based lifestyle, then, as a society, we can enter a new era of environmental, technological and personal advancement. We can reduce the impact we each have on the world around us and enable the natural world to help correct the damage that’s already been done, fueling our bodies in a more sustainable way in the process, just like we evolved to do. 

    For this change to happen, and be real, it requires a company like ours to be able to truly show how their products are produced. Words on a package are nowadays often only (buzz)words, and as the plant-based industry gathers global pace, supply chains are actively incentivised to be dishonest. There are constant examples all across the world of supply chain fraud, and inaccurate as well as deliberately misleading labelling. Retailers rely solely on manufacturer-supplied test results, meaning that the health and wellbeing of customers is placed in the hands of someone, somewhere, who they have never seen. The battle for customers encourages companies to spend vast sums on marketing and advertising, diverting money and efforts away from what really matters to you as a customer: Quality control, provenance, innovation and sourcing of the best ingredients.  

    At Ardoa Organics we are extremely proud as individuals to be building a company from the ground up that is born out of this sense of responsibility. We are working for a growing community of customers who can have total trust in the origins of our products and the quality of the ingredients they are putting into their bodies, all with the lowest possible impact on the planet – always 100% plant-based. We apply thorough testing protocols and package our products ourselves in our own facilities in order to ensure that the information we give to our customers is, hand on heart, true, accurate and correct. We do this for each batch. We NEVER rely solely on manufacturers’ test reports and ALWAYS subject our products to rigorous additional testing. We are proud to have established a quality control partnership with Analiza Calidad, a leading certified European testing laboratory in Madrid, Spain, that has been servicing the food safety industry for the past 30 years. 

    We are building a company that places community involvement and support above conventional marketing campaigns; a company that believes that our purpose in life, both as a business and individuals, is to have a positive impact on those around us and the planet we live on, whilst living life to the fullest. This tone of writing can often be seen as deliberately fluffy, or just words solely designed to create the impression of a company that cares, but this way of thinking is how everyone will have to begin to think if we are to make the changes needed to move forward together, in a much more sustainable way.

    So here we are, a company with a bright green future, looking to bring together 100% plant-based products of the highest quality, with active ingredients that are scientifically proven to improve our lives, produced in the kindest possible way – better for our planet, better for you.

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    We place huge value in testing, but the information contained within a test is only as reliable as the test itself. In order for us to have full confidence in our products it is required that we work with providers that can offer quality testing to fit with our goals.
    This article gives an overview of our testing protocol, our testing partners, the tests they conduct on our behalf and why you can have complete confidence in Ardoa Organics products: CBD product testing explained – Why Ardoa Organics’ testing protocol is the key to confidence in CBD products.

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    Go to Ardoa Market UK to buy Ardoa Organics 100% plant-based products.

    Or, if you live in a European country, please go to Ardoa Market EU to buy Ardoa Organics 100% plant-based products.

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