Ardoa Indigo66: Rich in cannabinoids, CBD, CBG, CBDA with <0.20% THC, night-time CBD oil drops

    Indigo66 is part of the Ardoa Wellbeing range, and is a potent night-time CBD oil drops product with the broadest spectrum available. It has a THC profile of <0.20% and is designed for those who need a powerful product to help with their night-time routine.

    Everyone tends to have their own night-time routine, be that a routine that promotes a good night’s sleep or one that rather prevents it. There are so many factors that influence how we feel when we wake up, that it is difficult to know what helps and what doesn’t. The use of mobile phones at night, consuming caffeine, watching intense programs – and eating too much too late – are all well known factors that can cause a bad night’s sleep. 

    Many people are driven to using over the counter and prescription medications to combat their sleep issues, which can often lead to a very unhealthy dependency. On the other hand, there are many natural products that are shown to help with sleep, with long standing evidence proving their efficacy combating sleeplessness and insomnia. CBD and cannabinoids have been undergoing increased testing in regards to helping people sleep. Break away from the crowd and learn how cannabinoids can shake up the world of sleep. 

    Indigo66, part of our Wellbeing range, is specialised for night-time use. It is a potent formulation containing CBD, CBG and THC (<0.20%). 

    At 100 ml, it comes in a larger bottle than most of our other CBD oils, with the serving sizes measured in half teaspoons. This enables us to deliver specialised combinations and concentrations of cannabinoids that would not be possible when using smaller bottles with smaller serving sizes. Its ingredients are documented, tested and contained in an organic carrier oil with full provenance. Indigo66 stands by itself in the EU and UK markets, it has no competitor.

    In spite of the research it is not possible to make claims about CBD products and how they may help with sleep. We are making no medicinal claims about Indigo66, rather what we have done is create a formulation of a product based on current understanding, that can fit easily into your night-time routine. Alongside this, we can make suggestions and give advice on how to combine this product with other changes to your night-time routine to help you get the best night’s sleep possible.

    You can visit our CBD User Stories section to learn from how others have used Indigo66 as part of wider changes to their night-time habits. Sweet dreams!

    You might be wondering whether CBD could help you with the indirect effects of the coronavirus crisis. For example, anxiety and sleeplessness. Incorporating CBD oil, power napping and meditation into day- and night-time routines really helped to get better, longer sleep AND more quality time during the day. Read our post How to get better sleep – The rise of the CBD-infused Power Rest to learn more.

    Where to buy?

    Go to Ardoa Market UK to buy Ardoa Organics CBD Oil Indigo66 specially formulated for night-time use.

    Or, if you live in a European country, please go to Ardoa Market EU to buy Ardoa Indigo66 broad spectrum CBD oil.

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