CBD product testing explained – Why Ardoa Organics’ testing protocol is the key to confidence in CBD products

    We place huge value in testing, but the information contained within a test is only as reliable as the test itself. In order for us to have full confidence in our products it is required that we work with providers that can offer quality testing to fit with our goals. This article gives an overview of our testing protocol, our  testing partners, the tests they conduct on our behalf and why you can have complete confidence in Ardoa Organics products.

    Being very proud of our high standards and product quality, we make some big statements as Ardoa Organics:

    1. We claim to have the most informative packing on the market.
    1. We claim to have the broadest spectrum products on the market.
    1. We claim to show the most detailed provenance of any company on the market. 

    Without reliable testing these would be empty claims and make us as a company guilty of misleading our customers, which is something we simply cannot do. 

    HPLC Testing Laboratory.

    You may have read several articles in recent months that show how widely the content in CBD products can vary from what’s stated on the package. Even established high street stores are selling products that either contain too little CBD (sometimes none at all!), the wrong amount, or even too much THC – which technically makes the product itself illegal (and the shop engaging in illegal activity by selling them). 

    The reason this is able to happen is simply a lack of importance placed on testing. Suppliers are incentivised to overstate the CBD content in their ingredients and undercut the amount of THC due to legal restrictions. Suppliers are also sometimes guilty of reusing a test from a previous batch which then can lead to +/- 10% differences from batch to batch. We have found the only way to ensure consistency is to apply our own extensive testing protocol on all our ingredients.

    Test 1 is applied to all biomass and cannabinoids ingredients. We use Eurofins and Analiza Calidad, two European certified testing partners to test for pesticides, solvent residue and heavy metals. 

    Test 2 is to confirm supplier tests regarding nutritional information and vitamins and minerals. Although some of our products have doses that are small in terms of quantity of carrier oil (some like Indigo66 have serving sizes of 2.50 ml), meaning that each serving contains significant contributions to your recommended daily allowance of various vitamins, minerals and amino acids. 

    Test 3 is a HPLC test that tells us the cannabinoid composition of the ingredient so that we can formulate our products accurately. We test the ingredients and then test the formulations of the products TWICE to enable slight adjustments prior to bottling.

    Only once a product has passed this testing protocol, it will be released to one of our distribution centres for sale.

    We are confident that this testing protocol sets us apart from the competition, and we hope that by seeing and recognising the importance we place on testing, that other companies are encouraged to apply the same rigor as we do. In the end, it is in the hands of you, the customer, to make purchasing decisions based on quality instead of false marketing and sub-standard product testing. As product developers, manufacturers and retailers, it is in our hands to provide the information for you to make those important decisions.


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