CBD, THC and the EU Law

    When using and carrying CBD products that contain THC, a consideration and concern is what the legal status of this product is in one’s country: Can I buy it? Can I carry it? Can I fly with it?

    This article gives an easy to understand breakdown of the CBD EU law and the legal considerations for our customers, country by country.

    “Can I legally purchase and ship broad-spectrum CBD products in my country?”

    “Can I travel with CBD products?”

    “Can I use my CBD product legally?”

    Check our guide and know your rights.

    As soon as a customer spends some time researching the European laws surrounding CBD products, they will quickly discover that they are incredibly confusing. This article is here to help our customers understand how the law affects them and their purchasing choices. We have tried to keep this as simple as possible, but please remember that there are no substitutes for your own in-depth research.

    The EU directive covering hemp and CBD states that a CBD product is legal to purchase and carry within the EU as long as it contains less than 0.20% THC.

    However, European countries are free to interpret and apply EU law and directives as they see fit. Most EU countries follow the EU directive, and this makes travelling throughout Europe possible (with a few exceptions outlined below). Still, the fact that this directive can be interpreted differently, country by country, affects the purchasing choices of our customers.

    From a legal perspective, there are two key factors when it comes to Ardoa Organics broad-spectrum CBD oil products. Firstly, the legal status of that product in the country you are shipping it to, and secondly, if you are travelling with your product, the laws in your destination country.

    For peace of mind, Ardoa only accepts orders when the shipping address is located in a country where the purchase of the product, according to the interpretation of the law, is not illegal.

    Ardoa Organics products are broad-spectrum, which means some contain up to, but not exceeding, 0.20% THC. Because of this, and the various rules across Europe surrounding CBD and THC, there are some countries where certain Ardoa Organics products can be purchased and others cannot. Ardoa Organics delivery options reflect this, and will restrict the shipping of certain products to individual countries to protect customers.

    The following list of countries follow the EU directive to an extent where the purchase of Ardoa Organics CBD products is legal, as the products are derived from hemp and contain less than 0.20% THC.

    Austria ✅

    Bulgaria ✅

    Cyprus ✅

    Croatia ✅

    Czech Republic ✅

    Estonia ✅

    France ✅

    Germany ✅

    Greece ✅

    Ireland ✅

    Italy ✅

    Latvia ✅

    Lithuania ✅

    Luxembourg ✅

    Malta ✅

    Hungary ✅

    Poland ✅

    Portugal ✅

    Romania ✅

    Slovenia ✅

    Spain ✅

    Switzerland ✅

    United Kingdom ✅

    All Ardoa Organics CBD oil products can be purchased through the above countries. You can go to the Ardoa Market to buy the strongest and broadest spectrum CBD oil legally available in Europe.

    The following is a list of countries that we CAN ship to, but that have some purchase restrictions to be aware of as a customer: 


    Both national and EU directives cover CBD law in Belgium. This confusion leaves the law open to interpretation. CBD is sold in pharmacies, although customs can seize a CBD product due to the confusing legal situation. At this time, we will ship products to our customers in Belgium, at the buyer’s risk, as it does not contravene EU law.

    You can legally travel with all Ardoa Organics CBD products to Belgium. 


    The legal status of CBD in Denmark is also not clear-cut. It is possible to claim that CBD products are legal under European law as long as they contain less than 0.20% THC. However, there is debate surrounding the “healing properties” of CBD described by the Danish medical authorities. They argue that CBD should require a prescription to obtain it. Therefore, CBD users are in an uncertain position. Ardoa has taken the view that, until there is precise clarification that explicitly prohibits people from purchasing CBD, we will ship to Denmark for our customers. 

    You can legally travel with all Ardoa Organics CBD products to Denmark.


    CBD products are legal to purchase in the Netherlands as long as they contain 0.05% of THC or less. You can buy and ship Ardoa Organics products that meet these criteria without concern. Currently, this includes Ardoa M-drops Amber42 Zero and Cerulean53 Zero .

    You can legally travel with all Ardoa Organics CBD products to the Netherlands.


    The legal rules that govern hemp in Europe do not apply in Norway. For CBD products to be purchased and shipped to Norway, they must contain 0.00% THC. Only Ardoa Organics M-drops Amber42 Zero can be bought and shipped to Norway. 

    Only travel with Ardoa Organics M-drops Amber42 Zero and Cerulean53 Zero to Norway.


    Again, the laws in Sweden are ambiguous. However, there has been a recent ruling that makes the situation a little clearer. CBD products containing any THC are not seen by the Swedish authorities to be covered by the EU directive on hemp products. Our advice is to purchase Ardoa Organics Amber42 Zero only, if the product is to be shipped to Sweden.

    You can legally travel with all Ardoa Organics CBD products to Sweden.

    We do not ship any products to the following list of European countries, and travelling with your Ardoa Organics products is NOT legal:


    CBD in Finland is classed as a medical product and can therefore only be legally obtained via prescription. The importation of CBD products from abroad is tightly regulated. 

    We do NOT advise travelling to Finland with your Ardoa Organics broad-spectrum CBD products.


    All CBD products are considered illegal in Slovakia.

    You CANNOT legally travel with any Ardoa Organics CBD products to Slovakia.

    Where to buy? 
    Go to Ardoa Market UK to buy the most powerful, broadest spectrum, multi-cannabinoid CBD oil drops available in the UK.

    Or, if you live in a European country, please go to Ardoa Market EU.

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