CrossPro PureCBD Oil: A potent CBD product for athletes, with zero THC

    CBD has been taking the world by storm in the last 18 months, and this is not without reason. On this website we have explored many scientific articles and research papers that look into how cannabinoids, the compounds found in the cannabis plant, interact with the human body and how – in fact – our bodies produce the same type of compounds naturally. This indirectly tells a story of millions of years of coevolution. 

    CBD and sport is a prime example of two worlds colliding. Sport drives people to be the best they can be, living a healthy and active lifestyle, and that drive is accompanied by an intense interest in the quality and makeup of the food/supplements we use to fuel and repair our bodies. CBD is a molecule that has been demonstrated to have multiple effects, none more documented than its anti-inflammatory properties. Below is a selection of posts where we explore the properties and actions of CBD:

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    Katharina K.’s story: CBD oil helped me with muscle relaxation and sleep after evening workouts

    Our Ardoa Wellbeing range offers truly broad spectrum products containing multiple different cannabinoids like CBG, CBDV, CBC and THC. We have a strong science-backed belief that a multi-cannabinoid approach to CBD products is highly beneficial. However, there are many athletes, both amateur and professional, that only wish to use CBD as a single molecule, particularly with ZERO THC. 

    We have now created CrossPro PureCBD for these athletes and anyone who wishes to use premium CBD, as a single compound, as part of their post workout and recovery routines.

    PureCBD comes in a 30 ml bottle and each 1 ml serving contains 50 mg of premium CBD, produced in our partner extraction facility in Switzerland. This facility is licensed to produce pharmaceutical-grade products and applies the same rigorous protocols to the CBD provided for our PureCBD product.

    The carrier oil is organic MCT oil (C8), rich in ketones and fatty acids, as well as tasteless. We use this oil because, although hemp seed oil has many properties and does not contain THC, it can sometimes contain traces of it. In this way we ensure and guarantee that the product is completely THC-free.

    Find out more about the other products in our new CrossPro range:

    Where to buy?

    Go to Ardoa Market UK to buy CrossPro PureCBD Zero THC oil.

    Or, if you live in a European country, please go to Ardoa Market EU.

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