Damien F.’s Story: CBD helps with chronic pain from multiple DVTs and an ulcer

    Broad spectrum CBD oil experience: Addressing deep vein thrombosis

    Having numerous blood clots (deep vein thromboses) for the last year in my right leg caused me huge amounts of pain. The pain was often manageable, but tended to spike after a long weekend of work. This led me to take quite a few painkillers which is not good for your general health in the long run, and also had a bad reaction with my medication to reduce my blood clots.

    After using the Amber42 broad spectrum oil for a few months, the pain has been reduced. It is still there but definitely a lot less. The CBD oil seems to reduce the big spikes of pain, levelling it out into a manageable level.

    I have also been able to sleep soundly as the pain used to wake me up regularly. This has greatly helped my overall health. The only downside is that my partner has said it has increased the amount of nights I snore, but I say it’s just a statement to the good sleep I am now having!

    I was sceptical about CBD oil but I can attest that the product does work and I will continue its use.

    Damien F., Clitheroe

    Find out more about Damien’s product: Amber42 premium broad spectrum CBD oil

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