Did CBD not work for you? Time to broaden your spectrum

    CBD-only products are like having a conductor with only the lead violin; yes it sounds good, but the real music is in the orchestra. In this article we explore why combining CBD with multiple other cannabinoids means those who lost faith in CBD products shouldn’t give up just yet. So, stay with us if CBD oil hasn’t been working for you – yet.

    So, did you try CBD and didn’t feel anything? Did you buy a CBD product and then decide it was just a hype? Did you start with high hopes and then wind up disappointed? If so, this article deserves your attention.

    Ardoa Organics is lucky enough to have attracted a network of brand ambassadors who have joined our team over the past several months. These are people who tried and tested our products for at least a month on a daily basis and decided that they would like to create their own network of clients and shops within their own areas. One of the responses they receive when talking to people about this topic is “I tried CBD and it did not benefit me” or “I tried it once and I didn’t feel anything, so I stopped”. We felt it was important to address these sentiments in a specific article.


    The first issue may have been strength. Many products contain less than 5% CBD, with suggested doses of just a few drops. This equates to just a few milligrams of active substance. Without clear guidance it is easily possible that you have been taking too little of an already weak product. In reality these 5% CBD products are designed for one reason only, and that is to access a market share of those who either can’t afford to, or don’t want to pay for more potent products. In reality it could be argued that these low quality products are of little use and, while costing less, are actually just a waste of money.

    For more information on the sad state of most of the CBD market, please read our post Profit before people – The cheaply produced CBD products making spin doctors rich.


    It is possible that the product you received was just not what it was presented as. There have been several studies released showing that the content of CBD products can vary wildly. At Ardoa Organics we have implemented strict protocols on our testing to ensure content and safety. Perhaps this could give reason to try a higher quality product with documented evidence of origin, content and quality. To learn more about how Ardoa is ensuring the quality of our products, please read CBD product testing explained: Why Ardoa Organics’ testing protocol is the key to confidence in CBD products.

    Broad Spectrum vs Isolated CBD

    CBD is merely one of over 100 cannabinoids. Yes, it has led the way with the recent increase in consumer awareness of cannabis-based products, but it is just part of the story. Different cannabinoids interact with the body in different ways and this can’t be overstated. CBD alone may have not worked for you, but consider trying a product that possesses multiple cannabinoids; these are completely different products to CBD-only ones. 

    At Ardoa Organics we don’t make even one single product that only has CBD as an active ingredient. Even if it is not an Ardoa Organics product that tempts you to give cannabinoids another go, broad spectrum products are always the way to go.

    ‘CBD oil’ is not a Magic Bullet

    One of the key points we try to make clear is that CBD and other cannabinoid products are not a magic fix for our problems. Yes, they have been shown to interact with key systems within our bodies, and this in turn can enact real benefits to our everyday lives, but they don’t solve underlying causes of problems within our lives. Cannabinoid products are one thing we can add to help fight our daily struggles, but we must take control of our lives in other ways too.

    For example, if you find yourself deeply anxious because of a toxic relationship at work, simply taking cannabinoids is not going to fix the root cause of your anxiety. The same goes for our personal lives. If we feel lonely and this lack of connection is causing poor sleep, then actively pursuing new friendships or reconnecting with old friends can breathe new enjoyment back into life and in turn help address the underlying problem. 

    To learn more please read Olly J’s user story about how broad spectrum CBD products helped him find the motivation to rebuild his life himself.

    Final thoughts

    CBD may not have worked for you in the past and your confidence in this product area may have been dented, but the CBD market is maturing. Dishonest companies that were rife at the beginning of this boom are starting to feel the heat, and the ones supplying genuine products are rising to the top. CBD-only and broad spectrum products are completely different, and should be treated and sold as such.

    Broad spectrum products are complex to formulate, difficult to keep consistent and therefore take a company truly committed to the science behind the broad spectrum approach to deliver them.

    Cannabinoids have the potential to enact serious change within our bodies. This is backed up by a constantly growing body of evidence. It’s our belief that this should be enough to convince those previously disappointed by CBD-only products to explore our range of broad spectrum products… you may just find yourself surprised.



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