Dylan P.’s story: CBD oil helped me after a stressful time of physical work

    Broad spectrum CBD oil experience: Addressing joint pain and exhaustion

    The first moment I tried it, I knew the Cerulean53 oil was of a high quality. I could sense its potent inherent natural goodness upon ingestion, like my body had been requesting it from me but couldn’t tell me what it wanted exactly. 

    I had been over-working, doing prolonged periods of physically demanding work, whilst also attempting to keep up on other exercises such as mountain biking at the weekends. The joints in both my arms and legs were suffering as a result and I had chronic pain all round. 

    Although I tried taking periods of rest and various different remedies, the symptoms still plagued me. Apparently the universe works in mysterious ways and had conspired to connect me with something that would help. Or should I say needed? I had heard about the medicinal properties of CBD oil but I hadn’t anticipated such feelings of general wellness that I was now experiencing. 

    I followed the dosing instructions on the bottle and slowly increased my daily intake. It was subtle at first but I realised that every day I was feeling better, stronger and more myself again. I guess it was a few weeks in, one morning I got up feeling good, I was surprised by the realisation that all the pain I had been suffering with, I was no longer feeling it! 

    Was this the result from taking the broad spectrum Cerulean53 CBD oil drops? I don’t think that I changed anything about my daily routine, my diet or anything else too much during that time. Perhaps there is another explanation for my feeling better/recovery but I could not tell you what else it was. 

    I was quite impressed with the results and would highly recommend this product.

    Dylan P., Coja (Portugal)

    Find out more about Dylan’s product: Cerulean53 broad spectrum CBD oil

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