ENCO1010 Broad Spectrum CBD Distillates: When Swiss Hemp meets Swiss Precision Extraction

    As part of our commitment to provenance, this post is all about the ingredient ENCO1010, which is currently being used in the latest batch of all Ardoa Organics products, including Cerulean53, Cerulean53 Zero, Amber42, Amber42 Zero and Indigo66.

    ENCO1010 is a broad spectrum CBD distillate produced by an extraction laboratory in Switzerland. This laboratory is fully certified by the Swiss Medicines board to produce both food products and pharmaceutical ingredients. Even though the ingredient extracted for us is not a pharmaceutical ingredient (rather it is classed as a food product), it is reassuring for our customers to know that the facility itself also produces top quality ingredients used in medicines.

    The ENCO1010 broad spectrum distillate was extracted for us by placing the biomass in an extraction bag and then soaking the biomass in super-chilled ethanol within a centrifugal extractor. This extractor agitates the solution and then spins rapidly to remove almost all the solvent from the biomass. The solvent is then evaporated under vacuum and condensed, so it can be reused again. What is left is concentrated extract of hemp. 

    This is then put through a process called winterisation, where it is super-cooled to below minus 50 degrees Celsius to force the fats and waxes out of the solution. This increases the purity. It is then put through a process of distillation, where the cannabinoids are evaporated and condensed in a purer form, having been separated from other unwanted compounds. This leaves a highly concentrated broad spectrum extract of the highest quality.

    The biomass used to produce this ingredient was cultivated in Switzerland by a certified AGMP (Agricultural Good Manufacturing Practices) agricultural partner. 

    Due to confidentiality agreements we are unable to share publicly the licences for our partners, but because we test every ingredient extensively, we can share the results of our own safety tests that clearly confirm the quality of this ingredient. 

    Tests we do ourselves (ENCO1010, ENCO1013, SEEDEX1004):

    Like all products and ingredients made and used by Ardoa Organics, the testing protocol we have developed and the relationships with our testing partners is what enables us to have such confidence in our products. We challenge you to find ANY other company in the UK and EU that takes the quality and safety control of their products so seriously by providing such extensive testing on their ingredients and products. 

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