Ardoa Organics – How our journey began

    As a company we have grown into specialising in plant-based daily essentials with proven and industry-leading quality control. However, we actually began as a company that specialised in combining CBD with a variety of other cannabinoids to create the most effective, multi-cannabinoid broad spectrum products on the market. We are engaged in product development, manufacturing, agriculture and e-commerce.

    The story of our hemp and cannabis-related products is intertwined with our beginnings as a company.

    The story starts back in 2014, when our founder, George Wilkins, made a documentary film about medicinal cannabis. This started a life-changing journey that led to the Ardoa Organics company you see today, with its team members spanning 8 countries across Europe to India to the United States and beyond. The documentary gained international attention, and through interacting with scientists, CBD advocates, and most importantly real people, it became clear that George’s real passion lay in the business development of making premium broad spectrum cannabinoid products accessible, and affordable, for everyday people.

    The documentary caused hundreds of people to get in contact to find out more, and it was through countless conversations with cannabinoid users that it became crystal clear what the biggest concerns of consumers were when searching for the right CBD and cannabinoid product: 

    • Safety 
    • Certification
    • Education
    • Provenance
    • Honesty

    These are the factors that drive people when searching for a top quality product, and so it was upon these core values that Ardoa Organics was built. 

    In 2016 we opened our first extraction facility in Madrid, Spain. It was modest but efficient, small but professional, and for the first years it enabled us to supply safe and effective oils to our clients. 

    In 2018 we conducted our first large scale agricultural project in Burgos, Spain. We cultivated 10 hectares of hemp plants on certified organic land. We learned a huge amount about large scale agriculture and took that knowledge onto the next year, where we then cultivated 15 hectares in Alicante, Spain. We grew over 15 million plants, and alongside the organic plant production we captured over 250 tonnes of carbon. This was the first stage in our mission to become a carbon negative company by 2022.

    Farmer in cannabis field in front of sunset
    Burgos Cultivation Project, 2018.

    As the legal landscape regarding the extraction of cannabinoids in Spain changed, it became clear that we needed to adapt and switch from being fully vertically integrated (cultivating, extracting and manufacturing) to a focus on agriculture and product development.

    We realised we could provide higher quality products at a better price to our customers by working with long established top quality extraction laboratories already working in the pharmaceutical and food industries. This enabled us to spend more resources on product development and learning from our customers what it was that they truly wanted as products, and which information they required to give them total confidence in us as a company. 

    Ardoa Organics team in Alicante hemp fields, 2019.

    By late 2018, we had built a company that could attract the team we needed in order to grow:

    • A scientific advisory board, consisting of established medical professionals and globally recognised research scientists. 
    • Seasoned e-commerce professionals, who enable us to lift the products we are so proud of onto the main stage. 
    • Designers who could help us create the look and detailed packaging we knew our customers wanted.
    • A network of friends and affiliates who love the outstanding quality of our products and now do everything to spread the good word. 

    The revolution in understanding around the beneficial properties of hemp and cannabis was just the beginning of a shift towards a more plant-based, sustainable future. Ardoa Organics has grown into a company that takes the attention to provenance and testing that we applied to our CBD products and uses it to develop 100% plant-based products for our customers to enhance their daily lives.

    So here we are, a fully transparent company, built out of experience and overcoming challenges, with its solid foundations in safety, certification, education, provenance and honesty. Powered by a team that’s truly driven by their mission to provide the best possible products, at the fairest possible price, whilst maintaining a business that truly innovates, reinvests and provides for us as individuals and for you, our customers. 

    We thank you for taking the time to read this brief overview of our story so far. Welcome to Ardoa Organics, you are most welcome!

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    Go to Ardoa Market UK to buy plant-based daily essentials with proven and industry-leading quality control.

    Or, if you live in a European country, please go to Ardoa Market EU.

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