How to best take CBD oil – Dosage and Best Practice Explained

    What you get out of your CBD products is as much dependent on you as anything else. Without a little patience and dedication to sticking with it, you won’t get the results you’re after. This, alongside the fact that not all CBD is made equal, is one of the main reasons why cannabis-derived oil might work wonders for one person, while having little to no effect on another.

    If you’re new to CBD, it’s understandable that you might feel a little lost or overwhelmed when trying to ascertain how to take your daily dose. Is there a best way to use it? Is there a time that’s best to take it for different needs? And are there any tips that might boost its efficacy? 

    The answer to all of these questions is a big, resounding YES! And, by the time you’ve finished reading this article, you’ll be clued up on all of it.

    How much CBD should I take?

    When you buy CBD oil, there’s a high chance that the instructions will say the same, no matter which concentration you have purchased. This is, understandably, very confusing for people new to CBD, but there’s a good reason why dosage directions tend to be vague. The only person who can figure out how much CBD you should take, is you.

    Many different things will affect how much CBD you need to take. First of all, there’s how your body metabolises the cannabinoids present in the oil. Then there’s weight, blood volume and age to take into account, as well as the condition of your endocannabinoid system. Finally, there’s what you’re hoping to achieve from taking CBD in the first place.

    The best way to work out your ideal CBD dose is to start with a low dose and gradually build it up until you feel happy with the result. Our best advice is to take a couple of drops two to three times a day, around 20 mg in total, to begin. If you notice no positive change after a week or two, increase your dose (by one drop) for another week and reassess. Continue like that until it feels right. Be patient. 

    There are no seriously harmful side effects from taking too much CBD. If you take too much for your needs, you might feel sleepy, a little nauseous or experience a mild headache or tummy distress. If that happens, just pull back on your dose a bit.

    How should I take CBD oil?

    How you take CBD oil is key to seeing results. Most people make the mistake of taking a few drops sporadically, when they feel they need it. But, while this might help a little in that moment, it will never be as effective as taking a daily dose consistently. This largely comes down to the fact that CBD oil works by supporting your body, particularly your endocannabinoid system in regaining and maintaining balance. This helps to regain and maintain balance in all bodily processes, as the endocannabinoid system is our full-body regulator. If your endocannabinoid system is depleted, perhaps because you’re not producing the endocannabinoids required to activate it (which can occur as a result of chronic stress, sleep deprivation, poor diet and so on), it can take some time to get things going again. CBD can help with this, but it’s not an instant fix.

    Give your body a helping hand in restoring a little equilibrium by taking your preferred amount of CBD oil split up into 2-3 smaller doses throughout the day. This is called microdosing, particularly when you split the doses even more. Do this every day for at least one month before deciding whether a product is working or not.

    If you’re using a CBD product for sleep, it’s generally best to take your final dose an hour before bed, as some studies have shown CBD can act as a ‘wake promoting agent’ soon after taking it. For other purposes, it can be useful to know that oral drops take around 5 minutes to take effect, vaporising is near instant, and capsules or edibles can take anywhere from half an hour to a couple of hours depending on your metabolism.

    Can I increase absorption of CBD?

    As the human body is made up of such a large percentage of water, and CBD is usually in an oil formulation, absorption does present an issue – as oil and water don’t mix! This means it’s important to do what you can to help boost the rate of absorption, so that you’re always getting the most out of your product.

    Taking your drops directly after brushing your teeth or eating (ideally something high fat, like peanut butter) can increase absorption by up to 5 times. It’s also wise to hold the oil under your tongue for at least 2 minutes, so that it has as much time as possible to be absorbed through the sublingual gland. This means that CBD can enter your circulation directly, bypassing the liver, where most is metabolised.

    Should I consult my doctor before taking CBD?

    Always consult your health care professional before use, avoid use during pregnancy or breastfeeding, and do not drive or operate heavy machinery.

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