How to get better sleep – The rise of the CBD-infused Power Rest

    Incorporating CBD oil, power napping and meditation into my day- and night-time routines really helped me get better, longer sleep AND more quality time during the day. 

    Occasionally someone asks you the question “If you had three wishes what would they be?”. It’s a huge question because your answers in some way define you as a person, but as I’ve gotten older there is one answer that becomes more and more cemented, beyond world peace and bringing back loved ones: The ability to sleep on demand.

    If I, like my wife, could put my head down and within one minute start doing that flinching thing that everyone who has a partner with this sleeping superpower knows about, then life as I know it would be very different. 

    A year ago, I quit alcohol, and this made the single biggest difference to my sleeping habits imaginable. I drank much more than I should have, for many more years than I should have, and the quality of sleep that I managed to have was always poor. I would wake up at 6am, having fallen asleep at 2am and then be unable to get back to sleep. After 10 years this had become a huge drain, yet multiple attempts to change this habit ended with an ungraceful fall from the proverbial wagon. It took the major life choice of starting a family, and the realisation that the way drinking had become normalized in my life was a serious problem, to give me the level of motivation needed to change my habits. 

    How I incorporated CBD oil into my daily routine

    Another change I made was to take CBD regularly. At first I was only taking it at night, as at that time Indigo66 CBD oil was in development and I was a very willing guinea pig. I found that there were days when life in general made it difficult to find the actual time to sleep, where even though I was falling asleep better than ever, it was still often difficult to get anywhere near the full 8 hours. Other people who were also trying Indigo66 said something similar, like how do you reason with a child that they now need to be quiet so daddy can get their 8 hours sleep, or tell a baby not to wake you up, or any of the plethora of reasons someone can’t get to bed or get up at the time they want. 

    I started to look into this more, and started to be truly honest with myself about habits, behaviour, and how I actually spend my time. For example, the average screen time on my phone is currently 6 hours/day, and I’m lucky enough to be able to work from home most of the time, so no major commute. I use my phone for meetings which accounts for a good chunk of that screen time, but no way near all of it. Through starting Ardoa Organics, and by driving it forward as part of the growing shift towards an environmentally aware society with a much bigger focus on plant based living, I started to pay real attention to concepts like meditation to help me sleep better. I also tried to think about sleep less as something done only at night, and about how sleeping during the day could help me.

    My wife is Spanish, and we live in Spain, in the land of the siesta. Like most Brits, I originally assumed that the siesta was just an excuse to stop work and sleep. I assure you it isn’t. In 40 degree heat it makes perfect sense to work from 6am till 2pm to avoid a daily sunstroke, but how do these early starts fit with the highly social lives that the Spanish live? They are out late, not starting to eat till 10pm, and when all the pubs are closing in the UK, most nightlife-loving Spaniards are just putting their glad rags on. As a Brit living in Spain, it is something that I will never get used to, forever doomed to be the first to bed, even before grandma. 

    What I can get used to though, is the wonderful concept of the siesta, which everywhere else in the world is essentially recognised as The Power Nap. To be clear, I have never been one for a power nap; I almost wore it as a badge of honour that I never required one. Like my brain is so active, how could I possibly switch it off in the middle of the day? 

    In reality there is a huge amount of evidence to show that the power nap, or at least a short period of meditation/relaxation can make a huge difference to energy levels. In reality, what I am doing is the Power Rest, if the Power Rest becomes a Power Nap, great! With good sleep comes clarity of thought, with clarity of thought comes productivity, and with productivity comes a sense of control. It’s that sense of control that is one of the most powerful weapons in the fight against anxiety.

    Indigo66 contains THC as part of the carefully formulated spectrum of cannabinoids created for night-time use, and this means I personally can’t take it during the day. Also, the objective of a power nap is obviously to take a nap to regain your power, not to fall asleep for 8 hours! 

    I began to look at my screen time, and really be honest with myself as to what time I was wasting in the day. How much was I really on my phone for work? How much was I actually using it to wind down in the evening or communicate with friends? Most importantly, how much time was I spending flicking through my 4 favourite time wasting websites? The answer was over 2 hours per day. 14 hours a week! More time than I spend eating. More time than I spend speaking to my parents. A truly crazy amount of time just spent in a trance, flicking through meaningless drivel.

    I decided to take this time and re-own it. To plan ahead with my schedule, to identify space in the day where I could take myself to one side, into a dark room, and employ relaxation techniques to slow my brain down. Evidence has shown that even periods of non sleep where you enter into a deep relaxation have the ability to rejuvenate you. I aided this by taking Amber42 Zero an hour before I planned to relax. As it is THC free, I could take this and, if needed, be able to drive, etc. without any risk. I now actually just take the Amber42 Zero as part of my morning routine. 

    I find 45 minutes is the perfect length of time; sometimes I am just present, sometimes I fall asleep, and other times I listen to music and focus on my breathing to divert my thoughts from work. It’s difficult to say how much of an impact it truly has on the amount of sleep I then need at night, but what I can say is that I definitely feel more centred and focussed. It helps me to break the day into smaller chunks, and it has definitely made me more aware of the time I waste. Now, when I catch myself flicking from website to website, I remind myself that those minutes are the ones which can be better put to use harnessing the power of the Power Rest! Still, I won’t be giving my Spanish family a run for their money any time soon.      

    Final thoughts

    Be honest with yourself, truly look at how you can improve your day- and night-time habits. Start with putting that phone down and maybe scrapping that coffee. Try to claw back the hours you waste online and take some personal time where you can to allow your brain to rest and relax in the day. If you actually manage to sleep during your Power Rest, great, and if not, you will still feel refreshed, relaxed and ready for more. 

    Ardoa Amber42 and Indigo66 CBD oil can give your night-time routine a much needed boost, with more and more people spreading the word. Word of mouth has driven our recent sales growth, not advertising, and that is the biggest feather we can put in our cap, as people only really recommend a product if it actually helps them. 

    Remember though: There is no silver bullet or magic medicine to easily solve sleep problems. Rather it takes a concerted effort to have an honest look at our habits, and look for a holistic approach to sleep, making the right changes and taking the right steps into the right direction, one step at a time. 

    From all of us here at Ardoa Organics, we wish you a restful sleep and sweet dreams! 


    You might be wondering whether CBD could help you with the indirect effects of the coronavirus crisis. For example, anxiety (cabin fever), stress and sleeplessness. Read our post Anxiety & CBD: Study finds CBD “reduced anxiety to a level equal to that of diazepam” to learn more.

    If you’d like to know more about how the best quality broad spectrum CBD oil has helped others, please check out our CBD oil user stories, some of them about how others are approaching their experience of sleeplessness. 

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