Jinpa S.’ story: CBD oil really helps me with chronic pain management

    Broad spectrum CBD oil experience – Addressing chronic back pain and sleep issues

    I have a chronic back condition as a result of surgery I had on my spine as a teenager. My main focus over the last few years has been pain management. I made a decision to give up the opioids that I was prescribed by my doctor, because I did not want to have a long term opioid habit. I manage my pain through a variety of neuro-plasticity exercises and physical therapies.

    I noticed taking the CBD oil that whilst I didn’t have a significant reduction in pain, what I did have was more of a regulation in the levels of pain. I generally get pain spikes in the evenings every few days, but with the CBD oil, the pain spikes are a lot less severe and debilitating.

    Sometimes I have pain that impacts my sleep. The CBD oil has had a noticeable effect on the quality of my sleep. I’m not woken in the night and when I wake up I do feel refreshed, in the way that I don’t feel if I take sleeping tablets, which can make me feel groggy in the morning.

    I do still have medication that I might use occasionally, but I prefer to avoid it if I can. I feel positive about CBD oil filling the gap between medication and no medication. If I’m more relaxed and I do not have so many pain spikes, it may well be that I can avoid medication altogether.

    Jinpa S., Portugal

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