Katharina K.’s story: CBD oil helped me with muscle relaxation and sleep after evening workouts

    Broad spectrum CBD oil experience: Helps to wind down for a proper sleep after late CrossFit workouts

    One year ago I started researching what could help me unwind after late CrossFit sessions, I had problems falling asleep and especially having a restful sleep after late workouts. As I am working the whole day, I never make it to my classes before 7 or 8 pm, resulting in my nervous system and muscles still being on high alert at least until 10 pm, which makes it really difficult to wind down properly, have a relaxing sleep and recover for the next working day and workout.

    CBD Oil is not a magic bullet to just cure everything, but it definitely helps me recover faster as it de-stresses my body, really helping it to relax and rest. I love putting it into a soothing drink before bedtime to prepare for sleep. It is part of my sleeping ritual since a few weeks now and I am pretty happy with it.

    Ardoa CDB oil is not the first CBD oil I have used, but it is way better tasting and smelling then the ones I tried before. I would describe it as a very well-rounded product. Cheap oils that I had tried before all had a dull, mouldy taste and thin texture. And even my feeling in the mornings is different to the previous ones. My mornings are more relaxed and even my muscles feel less sore after using it.

    Katharina K., Elmshorn

    Find out more about Katharina’s product: Amber42 broad spectrum CBD oil

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