Kevin S.’ story: CBD oil helps me with addressing anxiety

    Broad spectrum premium CBD oil experience: Helping to manage anxiety spells and get restful sleep

    I’ve been suffering from anxiety for quite some time now and decided to finally try CBD oil as nothing else seemed to be working for me.

    After speaking to the helpful people at Ardoa, I was sent some Cerulean53 Zero drops for daytime use (no THC content so I could still drive and operate my tools safely during the day) and then a dose of Cerulean53 drops for evening/night time.

    Despite my scepticism whether I was improving at times, I stuck with it and I have now been taking these two drops for around a month, every day.

    In that time my anxiety levels have been significantly reduced! I’m still working on it but any relief from the high levels of anxiety I have been suffering from has been incredibly welcome.

    The whole company is very professional and the products themselves seem to be of a very high quality. Something I learnt very early on in my research that can’t be said of all CBD suppliers.

    Well done to Ardoa for an incredibly well presented and effective product!

    Kevin S., Marzhausen

    Find out more about Kevin’s products: Cerulean53 broad spectrum premium CBD oil and the THC-free Cerulean53 Zero oil.

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