Kim C.’s story: CBD oil helps me with arthritis, back pain and relaxation

    Broad spectrum CBD oil experience: Helping to manage back pain and get restful sleep

    I tried the CBD oil mainly because I have back issues and also nerve issues, despite years of yoga. One chiropractor said it’s because I have arthritis in my lower back, as well as other structural issues so I need constant upkeep – but who can afford to go get a massage once a week?

    While taking the CBD oil, I noticed a general relaxing of my muscles, and my back felt so much better, especially in the mornings when I got up. No more creaking about, hunched over in agony in the morning! My overall muscle pain was diminished also, which is important to me as I get older. I don’t want things to get worse! I am hoping this provides me overall muscular well-being so that I can keep up sports to remain strong as I age.

    I also noticed that I felt more peaceful in general. I often have trouble getting to sleep and I just felt more relaxed when getting to bed at night. I have a very unusual work schedule, things are pretty chaotic for me, so having something to help me relax and get to sleep is really helpful!

    I have noticed that since I haven’t been taking the oil for the past month, my back hurts again! So I am very keen to use it again to help that. I have now ordered my second bottle of the Amber42 oil and look forward to more positive results!

    Kim C., Cologne

    Find out more about Kim’s product: Amber42 everyday broad spectrum CBD oil

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