Maite M.’s story: CBD oil helped me with arthritis and anxiety

    Broad spectrum CBD oil experience: Addressing arthritis and anxiety

    The last year was extremely stressful for me due to difficult family circumstances. I found myself alone at home and struggling to find work. This caused me daily anxiety, a lack of sleep and it actually caused my hands to freeze up and feel like I had arthritis in them. My mother has arthritis and I was worried that the stress had actually brought this on early for me permanently. 

    I had seen some posts on Facebook and then something on the TV about CBD and that it may help me. My niece had been much more aware of CBD so I called her and asked for her advice. She ordered me a bottle of broad spectrum CBD oil from England which she had already been using, and I just started taking it like she told me. 

    I didn’t pay much attention to the bottle to be honest. She told me to take half a pipette 3 hours before going to bed, so that’s what I did. It was actually too much and that night I felt quite strange, although once I fell asleep, I slept right through the night for the first time in months. 

    The next day I read the package properly and actually followed the instructions which were ‘one serving’ (6 drops) twice a day (one an hour before bedtime) and I found that this worked amazingly for me. It is difficult to tell which of my issues it targeted as the doctor said the swelling in my hands was due to the stress, but the swelling and pain also added to my stress and lack of sleep, so I was in a vicious cycle. 

    All I know is that after 10 days my hands were back to normal, my sleep was better and although it hasn’t magically fixed the issues in my life it has brought my stress down to a level where I feel I can breathe and make progress. My main advice is to follow the bottle instructions. I took a few times more than what was suggested and I did feel a little weird. I’m glad I didn’t take even more than that. It did reassure me though that there was something in there and now funnily enough I’m taking more than I did on that first night and I’m very comfortable with it. 

    Great product, it has actually helped me getting back on track. I’m surprised by that, but also very happy 🙂

    Maite M., Madrid

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