The new broad spectrum Ardoa Amber and Cerulean CBD oil ranges: The Core Values

    Our Ardoa Organics Amber and Cerulean broad spectrum CBD oil product ranges are distinct from one another, but they also share crucial attributes. In this post, we will explain these CBD oils’ core values to help you form an initial understanding of both product lines.

    Although the Amber and Cerulean CBD oil product ranges are distinct from one another, they share some crucial attributes. It is helpful to outline these attributes to gain an understanding of both product lines.

    • Both the Amber and the Cerulean range consist of hemp-based CBD products, produced with documented ingredients and traceable provenance.
    • Both are formulated by Ardoa Organics, not by any 3rd party companies, with each stage of our process possessing the necessary certifications for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). 
    • Ardoa Organics places the Entourage Effect at the centre of our product development. Because of this, we manufacture all Amber and Cerulean CBD oils using broad spectrum hemp extracts, resulting in a truly broad spectrum multi-cannabinoid product.
    • They both have highly informative packaging, detailing the usage instructions and also providing detailed information about the contents of each bottle to the customer.
    • We subject all Ardoa Organics products to our independent testing protocol which we have developed with our 3rd party laboratory partners. We do not rely on supplier test results to formulate our products. By the time a product is sold, it has been tested a minimum of 3 times.
    • Every Ardoa Organics product is traceable down to the minute it was made, to the person who bottled it, to the facilities and ingredients involved in its production. We know where and when it was sold, and by whom. This is how we ensure the top quality of all of our CBD oil products.

    These are the core values of the Cerulean and Amber product ranges. To learn about what makes each of our ranges unique, please have a look at these two articles:

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