Oliver J.’s story: CBD oil helped with depression and anxiety

    Broad spectrum CBD oil user experience: Addressing depression, anxiety and sleep problems

    I decided to try out the broadest spectrum CBD oil drops available after suffering from severe depression and acute anxiety for most of my life. I found the effectiveness of 10 drops twice a day to be analogous to the prescription medicines that I have otherwise relied upon, but with no discernible side effects. 

    For many years I have struggled to get up in the morning, and likewise to fall asleep at night. I was constantly anxious and depression seriously affected my daily life. I had tried a number of different anti-anxiety drugs, but some had side effects such as drowsiness and loss of concentration, which were a serious impediment to my working day. 

    I was first recommended CBD oil by a friend, so I decided to give it a try. I found that my condition improved markedly within a week of taking the drops. I put 10 drops in my coffee in the morning and 10 drops in water in the evening, plus occasionally taking a further 10 drops if I started to feel overwhelmed or felt my mood starting to drop. 

    I first noticed that I was feeling much more rested in the morning and had enough energy to get up in the morning. As time went on I was actually able to clear my mind of negative thoughts and felt a palpable improvement in productivity at work. I have been able to concentrate more on my work and have regained a feeling of control over my life.

    I feel relieved to have positivity and enjoyment back in my life and consequently I feel less of a burden upon my family and friends. I continue to take the oil daily and have dramatically reduced my reliance on prescription drugs such as diazepam from a near daily dose to only occasional use, as I have stopped having regular panic attacks and only have them very infrequently now. 

    The effects of the CBD oil have improved my quality of life, I have been able to enjoy time with my family and social situations much more and I have started to set myself goals and achieve them. From the small beginning of having the self-motivation to get up in the morning, I have started to rebuild my life and regain the positive outlook which I had lost long ago. My confidence has snowballed and my anxiety has improved significantly from the crippling severity that it once had. 

    I believe that the broad spectrum CBD oil helps to provide the clarity of mind that has allowed me to change my life for the better. I am now able to sleep at night whereas before I would frequently be wide awake, rolling around in bed for hours, feeling very exhausted but yet unable to calm down and go to sleep. This would leave me dreading getting up the next morning, going to work and beginning the cycle of anxiety again. Allowing me to sleep soundly, taking CBD oil has broken this dreaded cycle of spiralling anxiety by lifting the burden. 

    I would attribute the breaking of this cycle to the CBD oil. It has allowed me the respite needed for me to start to repair my mind. I would certainly recommend broad spectrum CBD oils for the relief of anxiety and depression as they have really helped me to make the first steps on the journey back to sound mental health.

    Oliver J., Nottingham

    Find out more about Oliver’s product: Amber42 CBD oil

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