Sharmila’s Pea & Hemp Protein Review plus Shake and Treat Recipes

    Last year I discovered CrossFit, a total game changer for me when it comes to getting fit and strong. I also realised at some point that my protein intake could do with a bit of a boost.

    Like many people I was eating carb-heavy but it was leaving me bloated and unsatisfied. A small shift in my diet to reduce refined carbs and increase protein intake has made a massive difference to my energy levels, my lean muscle development and recovery time after exercise.

    I have also greatly reduced the amount of animal protein I am eating, preferring to have a 80/20 plant to animal-based diet. I also don’t like dairy, so whey protein powders aren’t an option for me. Ardoa CrossPro Pea & Hemp protein powder came along at just the right time. I am already a fan of the multitude of beneficial properties that hemp offers, so I was really keen to try out the hemp and pea powders. 

    I had Covid in early 2021 and my muscles suffered from painful inflammation for some weeks afterwards and as I returned to exercising gently, the Ardoa protein powder became a mainstay for me in my daily nutrition.   

    How I use hemp & pea protein and the first positive results 

    I have a protein shake as a mid-morning snack before training and another one in the afternoon to top off my energy levels. This has worked very well in a couple of ways: 

    • The shakes are easily digested and as a result I haven’t been getting headaches after training from low blood sugar.
    • My muscles rarely feel the prolonged soreness I was getting before I started taking the pea and hemp protein. I am noticing some real improvement in the speed at which I am seeing muscle tone and strength. 
    • It also stops me mindlessly snacking on sugary, refined foods or reaching for an easy carb heavy option. It is easier for me to grab the food blender, pour in a glass of cold water or almond milk, a scoop of protein powder and a cube of frozen spinach and some ice and whizz it up.

    How I make my protein shakes even better

    If I need a little more sustenance I often add a handful of rolled oats, half a banana and a teaspoon of almond butter. Flavour wise it is best to mix the powder with water or unsweetened almond milk as it has a sweet taste already. The banana adds a bit of sweetness and texture but I generally save that for days when I need the extra energy boost pre training. For me it is also a great way to get some greens in: I get a bag of spinach (which is conveniently frozen into small portions) and often pop two of those into the blender as well. It doesn’t look pretty but it tastes great!

    My ultimate pre workout protein shake 

    • Glass of water
    • 30 gram scoop of protein powder
    • Teaspoon of pure cocoa
    • Teaspoon of peanut butter
    • Two cubes of frozen spinach
    • Half a banana
    • Blitz it all together & enjoy!

    Post workout I have the same but take out the almond butter, add in some rolled oats and use unsweetened almond milk instead of the water.

    Generally the protein shakes are my go-to snack but…

    If I want a quick and sweet but very healthy treat here’s what I do: 

    Mix a portion of the powder with a couple of eggs, a pinch of baking powder and some almond milk into a fluffy batter. 

    Heat up a non-stick pan and then pour the mix in. 

    After a few moments I put some blueberries on top and let it cook a little longer. 

    Then I grill the top in the oven to let the blueberries sweeten and liquefy a little and the batter cook on top and I have a lovely blueberry pancake. 

    Add a bit of nut butter and drizzle of honey and serve warm. Yum! Yum!


    Where to buy?

    Go to Ardoa Market UK to buy CrossPro Pea & Hemp Chocolate-Cinnamon or Vanilla protein powder.

    Or, if you live in a European country, please go to Ardoa Market EU to buy CrossPro Pea & Hemp protein powder.

    Read more about the advantages of plant-based protein for athletes.

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