100% Plant-based Pro Athlete Nutrition – Good for the planet, even better for you

    These are the foundations of Ardoa Organics’ CrossPro Nutrition products. There has been much development in the world of sport when it comes to plant-based diets and an increasing number of films and articles about this subject area are now helping to change public perceptions. Nothing more so than Netflix’s recent documentary The Game Changers, showcasing the lives of top athletes who achieve greatness whilst sticking to strictly plant-based diets. It is a fascinating film to watch and is a must see for anyone who is serious about health, diet and sport.

    In the sports nutrition world, whey protein is still king and cow’s milk is synonymous with protein shakes. However, that is all changing now; the number of athletes looking for alternatives to animal based protein and nutrition is increasing exponentially year on year.

    Introducing the new Ardoa Organics CrossFit nutrition range

    Whether an athlete wishes to use plant-based protein due to ethical reasons or due to a new-found understanding of what science says is best for their bodies, we have developed the CrossPro Nutrition range of products especially for them. CrossFit has taken the world by storm in recent years and in many ways it optimises the idea of cross discipline sport. It is essential to have an understanding of multiple physical movements, and to develop a well-rounded body type that can achieve top levels of cardiovascular fitness whilst having the ability to release large amounts of energy through intense weight work. However, when it comes to top CrossFit athletes this multi-discipline approach goes beyond the world of physical exertion. To reach the top of the sport, the food that fuels the body is as important as the training itself.

    We are and become what we eat

    In order to achieve peak physical condition, an athlete must pay attention not only to the amount of protein they consume, but a whole host of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids that enable the human body to reach its full potential. This is why CrossPro nutrition products such as our 100% plant-based Pea & Hemp protein powder are formulated to contain a balanced amino acid profile. Hemp is not only one of the most versatile plants on the planet, with uses in industry from medicine to construction, it also produces highly nutritious food products including hemp oil and protein powder. We value the properties of hemp so much that hemp-based ingredients are present in many products across the Ardoa Wellbeing, Bodycare and Active ranges – especially CrossPro. 

    CrossPro Nutrition is accompanied by CrossPro Topical, which includes our soon to be released 100% plant-based and fully organic Muscle and Joint cream containing 20 different botanicals and CrossPro CBD Oil, which is our Pure CBD drops product, made with pure CBD to ensure compliance with drug testing authorities for professional competitions.

    We support hard-working athletes 

    We are proud to support young and upcoming athletes via #TeamCrossPro. These athletes are recognised for their talent and dedication, and their path to success can be sped up with the support from Ardoa Active’s Team CrossPro. We support athletes financially, whilst providing them with products and clothing to use as part of their training programs. We support them in attending competitions and provide assistance in other areas, increasing their profile. 

    We know what we are talking about

    CrossFit is close to our hearts. Our Head of Outreach, Aitor Marino, is an accomplished CrossFit athlete and Team managers Arantxa Pardo and Santiago Macho are regulars at their local Box. Our product development process is done hand in hand with athletes, to ensure that what we produce is both fit for its purpose and is the best possible product that can help people achieve their objectives. 

    CrossPro products are for athletes that thrive on pushing themselves to their limit, and know that in order to increase that limit, they must carefully manage what they put into their bodies. It’s for athletes who live and breathe fitness. And ultimately it’s for athletes who don’t stop when they are tired, but rather stop when they are done.


    Where to buy?

    Go to Ardoa Market UK to buy CrossPro Pea & Hemp Chocolate-Cinnamon or Vanilla protein powder.

    Or, if you live in a European country, please go to Ardoa Market EU to buy CrossPro Pea & Hemp protein powder.

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