Profit before people – The cheaply produced CBD products making spin doctors rich

    All ‘broad-spectrum’ oils are not created equally, and creating truly consistent high quality broad-spectrum oils with documented ingredients is a complex process that actually involves complicated supply chains and manufacturing. Ardoa Organics leads the way to truly broad-spectrum CBD products. 

    How online sellers mislead consumers with wrongly-labeled low quality CBD oil mixtures.

    ‘Broad-spectrum’ is a term seen all over the CBD market today, with the term often being used to describe products that contain more than one cannabinoid. However, all ‘broad-spectrum’ oils are not created equally, and creating truly consistent broad-spectrum CBD oils with documented ingredients is a complex process that involves complicated supply chains and manufacturing. It is a company’s ability to consistently manufacture and supply quality products containing multiple (more than three) cannabinoids with documentation and provenance that separates it from the increasingly crowded CBD market.

    Companies like Ardoa Organics that can achieve this will establish themselves through their dedication as well as the very high quality of their products, and will become the trusted companies of the future, synonymous with supplying not just top quality but also effective products.

    For example, the easiest way to produce a CBD product, and the way adopted by the majority of CBD companies today, is to buy cheap isolated CBD with little to no provenance information and then mix it with carrier oil. This mixture is then bottled and sold to multiple brands. This method allows maximum profit with all focus placed on advertising and brand development rather than product efficacy and quality. 

    Research clearly shows that the combination of cannabinoids (Entourage Effect), like those within broad-spectrum products, are more effective than single isolated cannabinoids. So why do most companies only offer isolated CBD products? Is it because this is the best formulation? Does research say it’s the most effective? The answer is not complicated: ‘CBD only’ products are the cheapest and easiest to make.

    Most broad-spectrum oils contain two, perhaps three cannabinoids, whereas the broadest spectrum products made by Ardoa Organics contain five cannabinoids, and we have products in development that even contain seven.

    Each of these ingredients has had to be sourced, tested and documented. This process is exponentially more complicated than mass-producing bottles of CBD oil in the thousands using isolated CBD. At Ardoa Organics we can trace each bottle, as we manufacture in batches of only 200 bottles, and our high quality standards don’t allow for mass production of our products (or white labelling them for multiple brands) as the production cost is far higher than other companies who supply products using isolated CBD. The product development costs in testing alone run into the thousands of Euros, as whenever a new batch of an ingredient is received, we then retest both the ingredient itself and then the final product formulation. When there are seven ingredients, this incurs a tremendous amount of testing. Also, it requires us to reprint the packaging as we have batch-specific packaging rather than generic packaging that reuses lab tests. 

    The labelling of CBD products has constantly been appalling and contradictory with many examples of downright lying and misinformation. We recently found a top retailer selling a CBD ‘Broad Spectrum’ Cookie, with the accompanying lab test showing only CBD present in the Cookie. Another tactic is to combine CBD with added terpenes to ‘magically’ turn a cheap CBD product into an ‘Entourage Oil’, clearly misusing the concept of the famous Entourage Effect (the combination of multiple cannabinoids) to mislead consumers. The cost of these terpenes is less than 10c per bottle, yet the deceptive language and impressive packaging facilitate huge profit margins.

    One of the most subtle displays of the systemic lack of care in the CBD industry is the use of the number of drops in each bottle.

    For example, almost all products label the bottle as ‘contain[ing] 200 drops’. A drop is a defined scientific unit of measure of volume, 0.05 ml, meaning that a 10 ml bottle does contain 200 drops. However, what leaves the pipette is actually a droplet, and this is determined by the molecular weight and viscosity of the liquid. We find that the same 200 drop bottle contains 300 droplets, meaning that although the statement that the bottle contains 200 drops is true, in terms of dosing information it is completely inaccurate. Imagine if you were prescribed a medication to then find out the company had given dosing information that was 50% inaccurate. That would be a widely publicised scandal.

    In a year from now, products with extremely broad spectrums with extensive testing, accurate dosing information and informative packaging, like ours, will become much more common. Quality-oriented customers will come to understand the value of having genuinely broad-spectrum products, forcing companies who want to stay in business to adapt. 

    Still, Ardoa Organics is the first company to truly recognise that it is up to us to pave the way for genuine broad-spectrum products, and to make them available with the quality and consistency that our customers both demand and deserve.


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