Rachel O.’s story: CBD oil helped with my sleeplessness and depression

    Night-time formula CBD oil experience: Sleeplessness, depression and anxiety

    I retire in November, and after some changes at work with management, my final year has been looking like a mountain to climb. I put it all down to sleeplessness, as I’ve been unable to sleep properly for the last 6 months due to anxiety, so I was placed on sleeping tablets and anti depression pills from the doctor. I would have retired early to avoid this stress but with my pension, if I don’t complete it to the full term, then I only receive 75% of my pension. It was this that caused my issues as I felt trapped in my job for another year and it seemed such a long time to be so unhappy but also with so much to lose for the future.

    I was very lucky because a friend of mine had received a CBD oil sample product from a company called Ardoa. It was one of their products just out of development (it is called Indigo66), and it’s specifically for night-time use. There’s not really much to say about it other than from day one I slept a lot better. We had a joke in our house that I went from not sleeping to not being able to remember when I went to bed! It did also make me giggle, to the point I started taking it in the early evening rather than 2 hours before bed. 

    I now take one serving early in the evening and another one with my tea as I go to bed and I can honestly say I have zero issues with sleeplessness. I also feel physically and mentally stronger and am not taking ANY of the sleep or depression prescription medication I was taking before. I now have my mind focused fully on November when I retire and am trying to enjoy my last months at work with some of the people I really love there and will miss when I leave. 

    The CBD oil was not what I expected. It feels very strong and definitely works. It is also very fun as it makes me laugh at nothing. I think my husband could do with some of it. Actually there’s an idea!

    Rachel O., Madrid.

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