Rhys M.’s story: CBD helps me to perform and recover in training at a consistent level

    Broad spectrum CBD oil experience: Treating rotator cuff and tendon pain, inflammations and general stress

    My name is Rhys, I am a Personal Trainer and nutritionist. I used both the Ardoa Cerulean53 CBD oil and the Teal22 CBD cream for a few ongoing issues: Firstly my right rotator cuff and left patella tendon, as well as the usual aches and pains I would get from my constantly active life. 

    I had never tried CBD in any form before, so I was curious to see what all the fuss was about. I wanted to see if it really could help me in any way, and as I generally gravitate to anything natural or organic, these products grabbed my attention.

    I started with the Cerulean53 (at the recommended dose of 6 drops a day) and monitored the effects in both how I was feeling mentally and physically.

    Straight away after the first two days of taking it I felt relaxed and centered, which helped immensely with my busy schedule which can sometimes leave me feeling scatty.

    My sleep improved from averaging 5 hrs of disruptive sleep to 7 hrs of quality sleep. After a week I started to feel the benefits physically in terms of little to no inflammation in areas that caused problems: My right shoulder and left knee.

    These have been the most impactful results from the product: A clear and calm state of mind, quality sleep and a complete reduction in inflammation that has allowed me to train at a more consistent and rigorous level – which is crucial as I’m training for a couple of competitions at the end of the year and I needed something in my corner.

    I also started to take the Teal22 cream and applied it every evening to my temples, my left knee, my right shoulder and hands.

    The first thing you notice is the quality of the cream and its incredible scent. It’s the best smelling cream out there and the large list of 18 different botanicals really is impressive!

    The cream did exactly what I hoped it would: I felt an extra level of calmness by applying it to my temples every evening, and in terms of my joints, they felt soothed and relaxed. Usually my body was tight all over when first getting up and would require stretching for 5-10 mins to get it into a usable state, but the cream along with the drops helped to relax my muscles, so I had much more flexibility in the morning and could reduce my stretching and mobility work down to just 2 – 5 mins per morning.

    These two products are now invaluable in my recovery everyday. They are not “miracle products” and you have to put them together with other systems like mobility work, diet and a structured programme, but for me they did more than take just the edge off, and it lasted throughout and beyond the point that I was taking the products.

    These are quality CBD products of the highest degree, that I would highly recommend if you want to train more effectively with better results.

    Rhys M., Madeira

    Find out more about Rhys’ products: CBD Muscle & Joint Relief Pack

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