Rick S.’ story: CBD oil helped with back pain and psoriasis

    Broad spectrum CBD oil experience: Addressing back pain, psoriasis and anxiety

    I began using CBD oil as I suffer from long-term back problems and have psoriasis that also causes anxiety, which in turn exacerbates the psoriasis itself.

    In the past I have had some success with prescription pharmaceuticals for these issues, but they have generally carried negative side effects and eventually stopped being effective causing me to begin using different medication. This constant cycle of changing medications led me to start looking at natural remedies as an alternative.

    At first I was sceptical about CBD products and initially tried a number of oils from companies/brands purchased from well-known high street health stores. After consistent use for over a month, these had absolutely no effect on relieving any of my symptoms and I stopped using them, believing the many claims behind CBD to be an unfounded fad.

    More recently, after some persuasion from a friend who suffers from fibromyalgia, I reluctantly agreed to try CBD oil again. Similar to me, they had not achieved the promised results when they first tried CBD products, but said that had changed when they found a very high quality producer of full spectrum oil. They said that it was by far the best oil they had come across, and that it had actually given them lasting relief.

    I began using the product orally a couple of times a day which had been recommended as a good dosage [6 to 10 drops each time], and perhaps naively I was expecting instant results. Not being put off, I continued with this and within a few days found that my anxiety had begun to subside, giving me an overall calmer disposition. After 7-10 days the positive effects began to be much more apparent. Whereas my back pain had previously been constant from first waking up in the morning till going to bed, this had become a lot more subdued, in so much I was even able to go to the gym – something that hadn’t been possible for a long time. 

    Likewise my anxiety had certainly taken a turn for the better, perhaps due to suffering less from back pain and/or the oil itself. Feeling drastically less stressed also had a knock-on effect with my skin causing me noticeably fewer problems. Psoriasis tends to come in bouts or “flares” that are often caused by stress, creating a lot of unpredictable inflammation and while manageable, it is incurable. After researching some more about application of CBD oil for skin issues, I began applying the CBD oil directly to patches of psoriasis.

    The effects of this were noticeable within 24 hours with my skin feeling a lot less irritated. After several more days of use, patches of previously red and inflamed skin were visibly better and had begun to fade to a much paler skin tone with substantially reduced irritation.

    Having now been using these broad spectrum CBD oil drops for approximately three months, I have found that prolonged, consistent dosages have had a tremendous effect on helping alleviate problems that other products couldn’t. I still take CBD oil drops orally twice daily and apply externally to my skin as required, which is now less frequently than when I started.

    Through regular use, the oil now provides quick and effective pain relief when needed for my back and I haven’t had a psoriasis flare in the last 3 months (while continuing use of other natural moisturisers, shampoos etc.). I intend to continue my daily usage of this specific brand as the results I have experienced are significantly more measurable than from the other CBD oils I previously used, plus I have suffered none of the negative side effects of pharmaceuticals.

    Rick S., Bristol

    Find out more about Rick’s product: Amber42 CBD oil

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