Sanne E.’s story: CBD oil helps me with lifelong insomnia, replacing chemical sleep medicine

    Broad spectrum CBD oil experience: Treating insomnia

    My sleep issues go all the way back to when I was a teenager. I remember being so frustrated, I wished that someone would just knock me out with a big hammer. I am not sure where the problem stems from, but I definitely have a tendency towards ruminating – and in addition to that, I have always been somewhat of a night owl. If I had my way, I would stay up until I was so exhausted that I would just faint. And then sleep until noon, probably. At least that way, I wouldn’t have to go through the many hours of tossing and turning.

    Unfortunately, society and life in general is not geared towards people who stay up late. Getting the kids to school before 8 am, arriving at work in time for morning meetings: Early mornings are just a fact of life. Suffering from insomnia is like a vicious spiral. You worry that you might not be able to sleep, and so you can’t sleep because you are worrying.

    When my insomnia gets particularly bad, I use sleep medicine to break the spiral. However, there are definitely drawbacks to this. Not only is sleep medicine extremely addictive, it is also pretty dangerous stuff. Having taken pills the evening before will easily affect me for the first half of the day after. I feel this is a steep price to pay for just going to sleep, so I am always looking for much healthier alternatives.

    I have been taking 5 drops of the Ardoa Organics CBD oil 90 minutes before bedtime. On all nights I’ve used the oil, I have had a good night’s sleep, and I have woken up feeling well rested.

    Sanne E., Brønshøj

    Find out more about Sanne’s product: Indigo66 broad spectrum night-time CBD oil

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