Sean R.’s story: CBD oil helps me with anxiety, stress management and relaxation

    Broad spectrum CBD oil experience: Helping to manage anxiety spells and get restful sleep

    I got a bottle of the Cerulean53 to try out as I wanted to replace the CBD oil that I was using before but wasn’t happy with, as I didn’t feel much effect from it. I also ordered a Chocolate With Feeling to try in the evenings before bed time. 

    When it arrived, I was impressed by the quality of the packaging, especially in comparison to CBD-related products I have bought previously. 

    The information provided on the package label and on the bottle label was of a high level, informative but also not overly extensive. You want the important, vital information of the packaging – you want to know what’s actually in it, in detail – and that’s what I got.

    I have used both products over the last month, although only the oil on a day to day basis. Dosage is normally 6 drops under the tongue in the morning, which is plenty enough during the day.

    In terms of the oil, I have noticed a definite positive effect after using it in terms of my overall wellbeing and mood. This was made even more noticeable when I went back to a previously purchased oil and compared the two. The chocolate is surprisingly delicious, making it hard to only have one piece at a time. However I would strongly recommend you follow the guidelines as even a small piece has the desired effect. 

    I would 100% say that the product has had a positive impact on my health and general wellbeing. I have recommended the chocolate to a friend of mine and would be happy to recommend the oil to anyone that asked. 

    Sean R., Barnstaple

    Find out more about Sean’s product: Cerulean53 broad spectrum CBD oil

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