SEEDEX1004 – Fully certified organic cold pressed hemp seed oil from the Estonian Saaremaa Island in the Baltics

    As part of our commitment to provenance, this post is all about the ingredient SEEDEX1004, which is currently being used in the latest batch of all Ardoa Organics products, including Cerulean53, Cerulean53 Zero, Amber42, Amber42 Zero and Indigo66.

    Choosing a carrier oil for our products was not a simple task, as there are several different variables to consider: provenance, taste, nutritional content and certification. SEEDEX1004 is the oil that we decided to use as our carrier oil as it fulfils all the criteria above.

    It is produced in Lithuania by a long established company called Borela who have been producing hemp seed oil for over 10 years. By applying a highly rigorous regime to ensure their status as fully certified organic they are able to trace the seeds used in the extraction process to the Baltic region of Saaremaa Island in Estonia, to a fully organic stretch of farmland spanning some 3000 hectares! 

    The seeds are harvested and dried in seed silos to prepare them for their journey, because if the humidity content is too high the seeds will ferment during transport. Upon arrival at the Borela extraction facility the seeds undergo thorough testing to confirm oil content, humidity and that they are contaminant-free. Only at this point are they processed through a cold press extraction machine.

    Using cold press extraction is important because by not using heat, the quality and taste of the oil is fully preserved.

    Hemp seed oil is rich in Omega 3 and 6, and the fats contained within the oil are healthy. As the seed is produced within a European supply chain we can ensure the provenance of the product. This becomes difficult when using oil such as MCT oil (highly refined coconut oil), as this is produced outside of Europe in countries where it is difficult to have complete confidence in the supply chain. MCT oil is also interchangeable with palm oil. Palm oil, palm kernel oil, and coconut oil (the so-called tropical oils) have gained a bad reputation because they’re high in saturated fat, which has long been linked to heart disease.

    Due to confidentiality agreements we are unable to publicly share the licences for our partners, but because we test every ingredient extensively we can share the results of our own safety tests that confirm the quality of this ingredient. 

    Tests we do ourselves (ENCO1010, ENCO1013, SEEDEX1004):

    Like all products and ingredients made and used by Ardoa Organics, the testing protocol we have developed and the relationships with our testing partners is what enables us to have such confidence in our products – which we then can confidentially pass on to you. 

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