Simon W.’s story: CBD oil helps me through hectic periods at work and gives me a restful sleep

    Broad spectrum CBD oil experience: Helping to manage work stress and get restful sleep

    I’m a self-employed artist, which in my case means that work load can be uneven and random. I’m part of a group and when the work is manageable, I swim and workout which is my way of physically releasing the stress, it keeps me energised and my spirit in good shape. A few times in the year however we work round the clock, often more than 12 hour days to get a project off the ground, at these times it’s impossible to exercise and more often than not I get physically and emotionally worn out. 

    I have found that CBD oil manages to keep me level and in good spirits. Using CBD, I can still sleep at night, despite my head being overcrowded with ideas, debates and conversation from the work. In the day I am then able to stay focused and in a good mood during the final sprint to a project premiere.

    CBD products have become very popular and easily available in the last few years, however there is really no point in trying it unless you find a good one. Cheap products that you find in supermarkets, newsagents etc rarely have any effect, so if you really want to test the benefits of using CBD oils it is worth getting hold of the high quality multi-cannabinoid stuff. I’ve tried quite a lot of types of CBD and so have a bit of experience of what works for me. A friend offered me to trial the real broad-spectrum oil from Ardoa and I took it during the hectic period of making our last project.  

    The Ardoa Amber42 oil works really well for me, making stress manageable and sleep possible without causing a cloudy head the following day. I started with one serving a day and then found that one serving in the late afternoon and another serving at night worked really well for me.

    Simon W., Berlin

    Find out more about Simon’s product: Amber42 broad spectrum CBD oil

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