Dan Bair

    Proudest achievements

    · A 3x bodyweight deadlift (270 kg) and sub-40-minute 10 km

    · 1st place at Help the Hospice CrossFit Competition

    · Completing a 24 hour on the hour workout

    Hi. My name is Daniel Bair. I am a trainer, online coach and ex-athlete. Growing up I was always doing something. Be it playing rugby, playing basketball, athletics or in the gym lifting weights. All I wanted to do was be active!

    In my early 20’s I discovered CrossFit and immediately fell in love with it. From there on my whole focus was practicing, competing and learning all things CrossFit.
    I have been lucky enough to work out with some of the best in the sport. A highlight of mine is being destroyed by Sam Briggs in a Christmas Day workout.

    As a professional trainer I’ve been helping men, women and kids to achieve their fitness and personal wellbeing goals for more than 10 years. In that time, I’ve been invited to work all over the world; from running weight loss camps in the USA, to working as a dedicated coach and mentor in the Middle East, and coaching professional athletes in the United Kingdom.

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