Rob Cartwright

    Proudest achievements

    · Playing International American Football for Great Britain

    · Losing 45 kg of body weight to then become a competitive body builder

    Sport has been a huge part of my life since being small. I started off by playing anything that had a ball, and by 13 I was winning races in a national level windsurfing team, even being scouted for Team GB (the fact that the whole family would need to relocate put the brakes on that)! This followed through the rest of my life too.

    Taking a keen interest in sport as a pastime from an early age lead to it being the subject of my studies too, eventually culminating in becoming a qualified personal trainer alongside studying for a degree in Sport Science, as well as coaching, at Nottingham Trent University.

    While studying at NTU, I found and fell in love with American football after wanting to try something new. Within one year I went from only ever watching one game on the TV to being the leading receiver in the league and the only player in my position in the country to get selected to play for Great Britain vs Sweden in Uppsala, Sweden.

    Following on from winning the International game and the Plate Trophy for NTU, I suffered a partially herniated disk during my training, and that put an end to my Athletic career. Four years of rehabilitation before I could get back in the gym meant I gained A LOT of weight, having had a moment where 44 inch waist jeans no longer fit, and it was time to either do something about it or give in to life… I decided it was time to do something about it!

    For this, I turned to bodybuilding, the only fat loss with a competitive element to keep me going at it! It took two years and over 45 kg of body weight lost to get on stage and finish in the top six of my first ever show, narrowly missing out on an invite to the British Finals!