The Road to Carbon Neutrality: The Alicante Sun, 15,000,000 Cannabis Plants and 250 Tons of Captured Carbon

    Our plan: Carbon neutral organic hemp cultivation

    In 2019, Ardoa Organics dedicated 15 hectares of farmland in Alicante to the cultivation of hemp. The purpose of this project was threefold: Firstly, provenance is key to Ardoa Organics, meaning we wanted to produce our own ingredients wherever possible. Secondly, we wanted to learn about the water consumption of hemp in the ideal growing climate found in Alicante. Thirdly, we wanted to grow enough hemp to meet our 2019 carbon emissions target, which is part of our objective to be carbon negative by 2022.

    We grew a strain called Futura75, because of its love of intense sun and its CBD / Terpene profile. We grew completely organically, and installed a watering system that allowed us to deliver water directly to the base of the plants. We did this to conserve the maximum amount of water possible, since our farm is based in the ‘Green Triangle of Europe’, which boasts the highest number of sunshine days for the continent and temperatures that can exceed 40ºC. Water is a valuable resource that must be used sparingly, and it’s a skill to use just the right amount to achieve machine growth and Terpene production.

    Ardoa Organics Agriculture Fields, Alicante 2019.

    Our vision: From carbon neutral to carbon negative  

    Based on standard models of the carbon capture potential of hemp, we estimate that we were able to capture around 250 tonnes of carbon. However, this is only the first step in our journey to becoming carbon negative. Capturing carbon through hemp requires many processes after the cultivation stage, and there is a difference between just capturing carbon temporarily in biomass and actually sequestering it, to take that carbon out of the atmosphere.

    What does it mean to be carbon negative? An infographic by Ardoa Organics.

    We will be exploring this topic further in an upcoming post: ‘Ardoa Organics – Carbon Negative by 2022’.


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